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Full credit should be given to the German brains in which this project was hatched, and there is no reason to suspect that at the outset, the German capitalists who fathered the enterprise were actuated by any other motive than the perfectly legitimate one to create a great avenue of commerce. When, however, the German government entered the field as the backer and promoter of the scheme, the political aspect of the railway was moved into the foreground, and that aspect has since overshadowed the commercial one.

The full political import of the Bagdad Railway becomes apparent in the light of the eventful history of Asia Minor which can now be followed, at least in general outlines, from a period as early as B. To illustrate the main thesis suggested by the route of the railway that the control of the historic highway stretching from Constantinople to Bagdad has at all times involved the domination of the Near East, it has been necessary to sketch the history of Asia Minor in its relation to the great civilizations of antiquity and to follow that history through the period of Greek, Roman, Parthian and Arabic control, past the efforts of the Crusaders to save the route for Christian Europe, to the final conquest of it by the Ottoman Turks.

Einband bzw. Binding, dust jacket if any , etc may also be worn. Seller Inventory MB. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by J'Ai Lu About this Item: J'Ai Lu, Couverture souple.

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Ayesha by Ange

About this Item: Condition: Used; Good. Seller Inventory MX-V. Published by J'ai lu About this Item: J'ai lu, Condition: Good. So, if in your verified book there's also no credit, would it be okay if I take the necessary steps? Hello, I've approved your submission but it seems to me that both publications here are for the same book.


What is your opinion? Hauck , 25 February UTC. Yes, it's possible: maybe the publisher waited for a special date of publication or maybe it's just a misspelling for Hello, I've approved your submissions for this title but it seems to me that the result are two strictly similar publications. What are your thoughts on the matter? Hauck , 21 April UTC. Hello Wolfram, can you confirm the name of this artist , it's perhaps a typo for this one. Hauck , 12 September UTC. In fremderen Gezeiten. We alread have two publications of this novel that appear to be the same and I have yet a submission for a third on hold.

Is there somethin I am missing? Hello Christian, here appears my submission two times, I don't know, why? It's not the first time.


Hello, I've put one of your submission on hold for this title as it seems to be a duplicate of the one that led to this pub. I'm also surprised that you set the flags "Nongenre" and "graphic" to yes for a title that is perhaps a translation of this one. Hauck , 1 December UTC. Can you check your book? Anniemod , 7 December UTC. Hello, I've approved your submission but this makes now three similar titles: the one just created and two there. Can you have a look to see if there's not some merging to do?

Hauck , 8 March UTC. I added the publication series and no. Can you verify which is the original title of Der magische Dorn? Annie , 26 April UTC. It seems like your last edit in the Community portal was based on an older version of the page and it wiped out the conversations from the last few days. I've restored those and copied your comment back in the conversation where it belongs.

Annie , 22 June EDT. I accepted all but one of your submissions to add Star Wars as the publication series to the Blanvalet publications. I realize other moderators had already accepted some of these, but I must ask if Star Wars is truly a Blanvalet series, and if those numbers are true series numbers. I am wondering if these are simply "Star Wars" universe titles that, is a "Star Wars I notice on the randomhouse.

My German is not good enough for me to understand everything on the website. Let me know what you think. I can also ask a German-speaking moderator for help. For the submission that I have on hold, I realize including the "Star Wars" on this one is inconsistent with the way the others have been recorded, but you should notify the primary verifier of your proposed change and give him a chance to agree or disagree.

I may be telling you something you already know So we don't list it as a publisher here. Therefore, I'm going to change all of your verified publications that list it -- Kristallgeboren and maybe others I haven't found yet. I'd think your latest addition thanks for it! Your submission would have the effect to have different lengths for the original text and for the translated one.

As usual, it went nowhere and no clear decision was made except that the more vocal option was that IIRC novella-length texts that became novel-length in translation should still be treated as novellas. Good luck. Hauck , 18 July EDT. As it differs only in one position, could it be a typo for Michael Whelan?

There's another falsely credited cover art for Der scharlachrote Prinz. This art is also by Whelan. You have added the ad pages at the end of the books to the page count, but the help section on that theme says otherwise. I'll correct this and change the format to pb for some publications erroneouslsy entered as tp.

The price in Euro is incorrect since there still was DM as valid currency in Euros became the currency on Please do enter the correct price. Some not all design guides say that some labels not all labels which describe user interface elements like links, tables, edit fields, buttons should be capitalized. Other web sites use regular grammar instead, and no capitalization, for example see how Wikipedia looks like.

So, why is something like Pub. Series capitalized if you view a publication like this one? This maybe become clearer if you click the "edit" link in the publication record: the view turns into an edit form, where Pub. Series is the label for the edit field, it describes this user interface element. Notes , however, contain free written text which uses regular grammar.

So far I've not seen a design rule which recommends to use this kind of capitalization in notes. Personally, I don't like this kind of capitalization in web sites very much and prefer regular grammar for the whole user interface the way Wikipedia uses it. But that's maybe because of my German point of view, which is already used to the different capitalization in German grammar.

This will also affect some of your verified ones, so don't be surprised. Hello Wolfram, just to be sure, do you really want to delete nearly of the notes of this pub? Hauck , 18 January EST. I did measure some of my verified copies, and there were slight differences likely due to the process of production.

As they are valid only for one specific copy and not for the publication as a whole, it really seems better to specify or delete this information. What do you think? We do use copies to verify publications, but we don't verify single copies. Hello Wolfram, I'm probably a bit dense, but why do you want to delete some publications? Do you mean that the books themselves don't exist?

Let's Play - THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - TWILIGHT PRINCESS - [044] - [DEU/GER]: Erbe der Zora-Königin

Is it just a question of formalism? Do you want to suppress from the db the data that you entered? Hauck , 22 February EST.